New Series!

Moon Series Book One

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to announce my brand new series: Moon Over Carolina.

This series will consist of fun, lighthearted books in the Romantic Comedy genre. Every story will be set in a small town on the coast of lower South Carolina and will have some great characters that will appear in each book. So, you’ll get to know the secondary characters, as well as the main hero and heroine, and feel as though they’re old friends as you read each successive book in the series. ‘

Which I hope you will. šŸ™‚

Each book will be a stand-alone and have a new romance with a new hero and heroine. The first book in the series is the one with the cover pictured above. If you like clean romance with some humor and a happily ever after ending—the Moon Over Carolina series will be tailor made for you!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. It’s so, so, miserably hot down here in Dixie Land with no end in sight any time soon. According to the weather reports, we’ll be having temps in the high 80s and 90s all the way through September. Ugh.

Wherever you are, stay cool! Or warm, for Aussies and other readers whose seasons are opposite to mine.

Book one in the Moon Over Carolina Series will be released within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!




Cowgirls are Forever



Book 4 Cover Cowgirls are Forever

As you may or may not know, the first book in my Forever Cowboys series is Cowboys are Forever.

Book Four has a little different spin, it’s Cowgirls are Forever.

But not to worry, there’s a handsome, sexy cowboy as a hero! This is a lighthearted romp of a story about a cowgirl and total tomboy named Charlotte Carpenter—Charlie, as she is known. Charlie has been running the Snake River Ranch since she was just 17 when her dad had a stroke. Now, at 21, she’s a confirmed bachelorette with no plans or wish to marry. She’s never even had a date!

Enter Chaz Elliott, who has just bought the old Lucky Star ranch that adjoins hers. Former rodeo star turned heart throb movie star, Charlie thinks he’s a rhinestone cowboy with his snooty model girlfriend and rude Hollywood friends.

Charlie thinks she wants to be treated as one of the boys until she meets Chaz and then she decides that it’s high time she started being more feminine. She enlists the aid fo friends from previous books: Marielle, Samantha and Maeve, plus the always hilarious Bandy who, although a grizzled old cowboy, tries to help Charlie glam up for Chaz.

This book will be out within the next week, so I hope you get it from Amazon. Enjoy!

Life After Cowboys

Book 3 Cover Complete

I have two more cowboy western romance books in the pipeline, but am already plotting and planning ahead for my next series.

As much as I do love those sexy cowboys, there are so many other good stories just waiting to be written and I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as the Forever Cowboys series.

How about a little hint what’s in store for my next series?

Well…you might say that the theme for several of the new books will be this: Opposites Attract. You can expect lots of romance and lots of laughs, as well. Nobody ever said that falling in love has to be a totally serious event.

The characters are easy to love and IĀ think anyone who loves the romance genre will give these new books two thumbs up. You can also expect to find a few animals and pets in the upcoming series. As an animal lover and pet owner myself, I know how important our furry and feathered friends can be and what a huge part they can play in our lives.

So, if you’re an animal lover, too, you’re almost certain to like the new series.

Stay tuned for Two Times Forever, Book 3 in the Forever Cowboys series. I’m almost finished with it but my hero and heroine keep going off the path I have mapped out for them and insist on doing their own thing. But that’s okay—they’re ideas are better than mine!

Addicted to Love

blog pic love

Are you addicted to love?

Reading about love, that is? If so, you’re in good company. Statistically speaking, sales in the romance genre amounted to $1.8 billion last year. That’s billion, by the way, not to be mistaken for million. Billions are much bigger than millions. So, over a billion sales of romance books in one year is a mighty impressive figure.

According to a Nielsen study, women make up about 84% of all romance readers. RWA (Romance Writers of America) says that these are the top romance subgenres:

1. Romantic Suspense

2. Contemporary Romance

3. Historical Romance

4. Erotic Romance

5. New Adult

6. Paranormal Romance

7. Christian

The top tropes? Read on.

Top Romance Tropes

(1) friends to lovers

(2) soul mate/fate

(3) second chance at love

(4) secret romance

(5) first love

(6) strong hero/heroine

(7) reunited lovers

(8) love triangle

(9) sexy billionaire/millionaire

(10) sassy heroine

Taking a look at #3 on this list, “second chance at love,” brings me to my current work in progress in the Forever Cowboys Series: Two Times Forever.

This book has been subject to a series of unfortunate and unavoidable delays since its inception. I am, however, finally very close to publishing and will be sending out an email to everyone on my opt-in list when it goes live on Amazon. I think you’ll enjoy Maeve and Joe’s story, two people who have loved and lost spouses who died young and are afraid they’ll never be able to love anyone else as much as their dearly departed.

Life often holds many surprises, though, and a wealth of opportunities to find true love more than once.

In some cases, people may be held so firmly by the memory of a lost love that it’s almost like an addiction…..something they can’t let go or turn away from. This can make it tough to recognize and accept a new love and a new lover, as Maeve and Joe find out for themselves.

But if you’re a hopeless romantic who believes that love conquers all, you’ll love this story about second chances.

Here’s hoping that you stay addcited to love—stories about love, that is!

Second Chances

blogsecond chance


My third book in the Forever Cowboys series, Two Times Forever, is about second chances.

For Maeve and Joe, the hero and heroine, it’s about getting a second chance at love. But second chances are always a good thing, whether in love or life in general.

Think about it a minute. What if we only got one chance at something? In a few rare instances, there might times when one chance really is all you get. For example, let’s say you have the chance to see an old building scheduled for demolition. If you don’t take advantage of that opportunity before the building is knocked down….you don’t get a second chance.

These things do happen. But for the most part, regardless of what it may be, most of the time we all get a second chance at something that didn’t go well the first time around.

Love, perhaps, is the singlemost important area in the lives of most people where getting a second chance is vitally important. Very few of us have met the “love of our life” and sustained that relationship for life. Sadly, that isn’t the norm these days. Statistically, between one third and one half of all marriages in the US will end in divorce. If all of these couples only had one chance to find their forever love, this would be a disheartening state of affairs, indeed.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

Studies have shown that in the US, approximately 80% of all divorcees remarry, many within 4 years. So, there are all those people who found someone to love again. They got a second chance. In Maeve and Joe’s case, they weren’t divorced, but had spouses that died. Still, even in their situation, if there were no second chances for love, they’d be doomed to a loveless existence.

We’ve established that we are all given a second chance at love if we need it, but sometimes people can’t let go of a former love that was lost be it to divorce, the ending of a relationship or death.

In order to take advantage of second chances, we have to let go of the past. No one can move forward into a brighter tomorrow if they’re still living in yesterday. If you’ve been hurt, it might be hard to let go and take a leap of faith again, believing in happily ever after once more. But if you don’t break the chains of memory that bind you to the past when love went wrong, for whatever reason, you can’t be free to love again.

Maeve and Joe are both still in love with the memory of their lost loves. Can they get past this to find new love with each other?

Read Book 3 in the Forever Cowboys series, Two Times Forever, and find out.

I’m behind schedule but writing away to get this story published, so stay tuned!

Flowers for Your Soul


First of all, my apologies for being gone so long. It’s planting time in the South & I’ve been super busy getting flowers & tomatoes planted. Back in the day, I planted big gardens and hope to again in years to come, but this year I’ve decided to settle for flowers and tomatoes.

Tomatoes because homegrown are so much better than anything store bought and flowers because just looking at them makes me happy. Here’s my philiosophy about flowers:

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft
And from thy slender store
Two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole,
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

Saadi (1184-?1283), Persian poet

So I like to plant something that feeds my bod and flowers to feed my soul.

Things are going swimmingly with Book 3 in the Forever Cowboys series. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but this book features Maeve, who is our heroine’s sister from Book Two, The Color of Forever. Maeve was married briefly when her policeman husband was shot and killed by someone robbing a small mom and pop convenience store. That was more than a dozen years before this story opens and she has rarely even dated, much less thought about remarrying.

But a trip out to the mountains of Wyoming where her sister Samantha has settled with her new husband might just change all that. Once Maeve meets the handsome and oh-so-sexy cowboy rancher whose ranch borders Sam and Ben’s, her peaceful but loveless existence experiences a major upheaval.

Joe, our hero of this book, also married quite a few years ago and lost the young wife he adored early on in the marriage.

Can this widow and widower, each so devoted to the memory of the love they lost, find love again with each other?

This book, Two Times Forever,Ā is scheduled to be published the last week of May. I hope you enjoy reading Maeve and Joe’s story as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

Yay! Yippee! Woohoo!

Happy May, everyone!

Today I want to share a small success with you. Not to brag or boast but simply to share a small success story that while nothing earth shattering, is important to me. Here it is:

Today I hit the Top 100 on Amazon for paid books in my category! Yay! Yippee! Woohoo! This is in the Top 100 Paid for Book One in my Forever Cowboys series, Cowboys are Forever. Last week I ran a free day promo through Amazon & had almost 1200 downloads of Cowboys are Forever & actually made it waaayyy on up there in the Top 100 Free rankings for Western Romance, Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance.

I was excited about that and I’m equally excited about making it to the Top 100 in paid books in the Western Romance category.

Here’s a screenshot from the momentous event.

CAF Top 100 May 2

As you can see, Cowboys are Forever was just barely in the Top 100 but I don’t care. It made it and that’s the thing that really counts with me. Sadly, I have already slipped back out again but hoping sales will be good enough today to give it a boost back up the ladder.

I am so appreciative of everyone who has borrowed or bought either or both of my Forever Cowboys series books. My sales and borrows have far, far exceeded my expectations and are climbing steadily. Since I had never self published before, I had no idea what to expect and have been pleasantly surprised.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hard at work on Book 3. I love the way the story is unfolding and hope you will, too. Maeve and Joe are thirty-somethings who haveĀ both been married and lost their mates when they were quite young. This book is about second chances and what happens when love comes around not once in a lifetime, but twice. The title is Two Times Forever.

It will come out in about 2 weeks and I hope you read and enjoy it!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you enjoy a success of your own!