Happy Labor Day!

Hope all of you are having a safe and happy holiday. As for me, I remain sequestered in the house until I’m sure I can’t spread hand, foot and mouth disease.

Everyone says “I thought only cows got that.”

No, that’s hoof and mouth disease, thank you.

But anyway here I am, on the brink of cabin fever. I got some writing done today on my new book which will be the first spin-off story. The series will still be Forever Cowboys, but the newest books will also be “A Wolf Pass Diner Romance.”

I’m excited about this book. The hero was introduced in Book 6, Finding Forever. He’s a Native American cowboy named John Two Eagles. John was a champion rodeo rider and won some big prizes before he was injured and dropped out of the rodeo circuit. He worked for Trey Masterson, Marielle’s husband, for a few years and saved enough money between that job and rodeo prize money to buy his own ranch.

John is tall, dark and handsome with a body that won’t quit. He hasn’t built those 8 pack abs working out at a gym, either. His muscles are from working hard every day around his spread. When he was a rodeo star, he had buckle bunnies—rodeo groupies who follow rodeo riders like regular groupies follow rock stars—panting for him. But, while John has a healthy appreciation for a pretty girl, he has made establishing himself as a successful rancher his top priority.

So he’s dated a lot, but no serious relationships. John has a fixed idea in his head about what kind of wife he wants. No social butterflies or party girls, nobody too froufrou to help him around the ranch if need be during calving or branding season. He wants a down-to-earth, wholesome western girl who knows how to cook for a crew during roundup or drive the truck when there’s hay to be loaded and gotten into the barn loft. No pampered princess mincing around in high heels would fit in on ranch life, he’s sure of that.

Our heroine, Layla, is a friend of Lola’s that has come to visit and ends up staying in Wolf Pass for a while. A socialite who attended an exclusive girl’s school followed by an Ivy League college, Layla was born into old money and has never done a day’s work in her life. She does do a little volunteer work back in New York City and is on the board of several charities, as well, because she has been raised to believe that “their kind of people” are supposed to do these things.Slim and petite with silvery blonde hair and blue eyes, Layla is a beauty who doesn’t seem to have a serious thought in her elegantly coiffed head.

Layla knows that she’ll marry within her family’s exalted social circle—some Harvard grad with a prestige job in his family’s firm. Well bred with exquisitely charming manners and carefully groomed so that a career in politics might be ahead, her future mate will be someone suave and sleek. He’ll conform to what’s expected of him and take a wife who will be an asset to him in his rise to the top.

Does this sound anything like the type of female John Two Eagles has in mind for a future wife?

Does John sound anything like the sophisticated man in a designer suit who Layla sees as her future husband?

But from the instant John and Layla see each other at the Wolf Pass Diner, sparks fly and the air around them is almost electrically charged. Each considers the other unsuitable for a romantic partner, but they’re drawn together like magnets.

Any romance between these two is bound to be turbulent and full of excitement. I can’t wait to tell their story!

Well, time to watch a couple of episodes of Teen Wolf. I love this TV show and was hooked from the first episode. Now I’m in the fifth and last season and will be sad when I watch the last episode. Who knew werewolves could so nice….and sexy, too?


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