I’m Back!

Hi everyone! Finally back after a long spell of inactivity. My mother became very ill just after Christmas last winter and I’ve been extremely busy helping with her care. She hasn’t improved, but she is able to sort of rock along now in a rehab facility without needing me to be in almost constant attendance. I do still spend a lot of time with her, but not every waking moment as I did for months. So, I have time to write again now. Yay!

I finally managed to finish Book 6 in my Forever Cowboys series and published it on Amazon a couple of days ago. The title is Finding Forever and it’s twice as long as the other books in the series. Not quite sure why, but the story unfolded and as books usually do—took on a life of its own—so I just let it go where the characters wanted to go until it was done.

I’m considering sharing some of my recipes with my readers along the way in blog posts here. Why? Well, I suppose because I love to cook my old favorite, tried and true recipes and love trying new ones, as well, and would enjoy passing them along to you. Not every day, but several times a month. Nothing written in stone right now, I’ll just play it by ear and see if y’all are interested. 🙂

I’ll also be having some contests and giveaways along the way, and I hope you stay tuned and save my blog to your favorites so that you can check in often to keep up with the happenings here.

Here is the Amazon link to Finding Forever, which is only $0.99, the introductory price for a few days until it goes to its regular price of $2.99: Finding Forever


Best regards,



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