Busy Busy

Feeling guilty about not adding to my blog for so long—busy busy busy.

Since I posted last, I’ve published two new books: Doctor Divine’s Bedside manner and Love You Forever, number five in my Forever Cowboys series. I must admit that I set myself too full a schedule trying to get two books written, edited, proofread, covers designed and all of the other things that go into publishing in such a short length of time.

So I’ve learned a valuable lesson about not getting too much on my plate.

Right now I’m waiting for my new box set to be formatted. It will have the first three books in the Forever Cowboys series:

  1. Cowboys are Forever
  2. The Color of Forever
  3. Two Times Forever

Here’s what it will look like:


I’m also working on Book 6 in this series—Together Forever. Lola, the heroine, is an editor for a big publishing house in New York City and has come to Wyoming to try and get Wren (heroine of Book 5) to extend her contract with them. Beautiful and flashy, Lola is Cuban with a tempestuous Latin temperament. Mike is a rancher and confirmed bachelor. He’s the polar opposite of Lola in every way. Where Lola is quick to be moved to laughter or tears, Mike is calm and level headed. Lola loves bright colors and bling, Mike prefers plain vanilla and understatement.

But opposites are known to attract and the attraction between Lola and Mike is undeniable. Sparks fly every time they meet and soon they’re both wondering if those sparks are lighting a fire that will burn forever.

It’s a fun story to write and I hope will be a fun story for you to read. All of my books have happily ever after endings and plenty of sexual tension without graphic sex scenes. I’ve caught some flak from a few readers who feel cheated because I don’t write what amounts to porn, but I long ago resigned myself to the fact that I can’t please everyone. While physical desire is an integral part of romance, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of romance. In fact, many great love stories throughout history tell of true romance between two characters who never have sex.

My characters do get physical, but they do it discreetly. I take them to the bedroom door and then close it to give them some privacy. 🙂

In other news, I’m recruiting members for my new Advance Readers Team. Everyone who joins will get all of my books free from now on. What’s the catch? In return for free books, you must post an honest review of the book on Amazon within one week of its release. I’ll get the books to you a week before publication, so you’ll have two weeks to read and then post your review. Authors rely heavily on reviews, so this is a win-win for both of us.

If you’re interested in receiving advance copies of my new books from now on, click here to join my team: Get Free Books


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