Addicted to Love

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Are you addicted to love?

Reading about love, that is? If so, you’re in good company. Statistically speaking, sales in the romance genre amounted to $1.8 billion last year. That’s billion, by the way, not to be mistaken for million. Billions are much bigger than millions. So, over a billion sales of romance books in one year is a mighty impressive figure.

According to a Nielsen study, women make up about 84% of all romance readers. RWA (Romance Writers of America) says that these are the top romance subgenres:

1. Romantic Suspense

2. Contemporary Romance

3. Historical Romance

4. Erotic Romance

5. New Adult

6. Paranormal Romance

7. Christian

The top tropes? Read on.

Top Romance Tropes

(1) friends to lovers

(2) soul mate/fate

(3) second chance at love

(4) secret romance

(5) first love

(6) strong hero/heroine

(7) reunited lovers

(8) love triangle

(9) sexy billionaire/millionaire

(10) sassy heroine

Taking a look at #3 on this list, “second chance at love,” brings me to my current work in progress in the Forever Cowboys Series: Two Times Forever.

This book has been subject to a series of unfortunate and unavoidable delays since its inception. I am, however, finally very close to publishing and will be sending out an email to everyone on my opt-in list when it goes live on Amazon. I think you’ll enjoy Maeve and Joe’s story, two people who have loved and lost spouses who died young and are afraid they’ll never be able to love anyone else as much as their dearly departed.

Life often holds many surprises, though, and a wealth of opportunities to find true love more than once.

In some cases, people may be held so firmly by the memory of a lost love that it’s almost like an addiction…..something they can’t let go or turn away from. This can make it tough to recognize and accept a new love and a new lover, as Maeve and Joe find out for themselves.

But if you’re a hopeless romantic who believes that love conquers all, you’ll love this story about second chances.

Here’s hoping that you stay addcited to love—stories about love, that is!


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