Second Chances

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My third book in the Forever Cowboys series, Two Times Forever, is about second chances.

For Maeve and Joe, the hero and heroine, it’s about getting a second chance at love. But second chances are always a good thing, whether in love or life in general.

Think about it a minute. What if we only got one chance at something? In a few rare instances, there might times when one chance really is all you get. For example, let’s say you have the chance to see an old building scheduled for demolition. If you don’t take advantage of that opportunity before the building is knocked down….you don’t get a second chance.

These things do happen. But for the most part, regardless of what it may be, most of the time we all get a second chance at something that didn’t go well the first time around.

Love, perhaps, is the singlemost important area in the lives of most people where getting a second chance is vitally important. Very few of us have met the “love of our life” and sustained that relationship for life. Sadly, that isn’t the norm these days. Statistically, between one third and one half of all marriages in the US will end in divorce. If all of these couples only had one chance to find their forever love, this would be a disheartening state of affairs, indeed.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

Studies have shown that in the US, approximately 80% of all divorcees remarry, many within 4 years. So, there are all those people who found someone to love again. They got a second chance. In Maeve and Joe’s case, they weren’t divorced, but had spouses that died. Still, even in their situation, if there were no second chances for love, they’d be doomed to a loveless existence.

We’ve established that we are all given a second chance at love if we need it, but sometimes people can’t let go of a former love that was lost be it to divorce, the ending of a relationship or death.

In order to take advantage of second chances, we have to let go of the past. No one can move forward into a brighter tomorrow if they’re still living in yesterday. If you’ve been hurt, it might be hard to let go and take a leap of faith again, believing in happily ever after once more. But if you don’t break the chains of memory that bind you to the past when love went wrong, for whatever reason, you can’t be free to love again.

Maeve and Joe are both still in love with the memory of their lost loves. Can they get past this to find new love with each other?

Read Book 3 in the Forever Cowboys series, Two Times Forever, and find out.

I’m behind schedule but writing away to get this story published, so stay tuned!


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