Book 3 in the Forever Cowboys Series

blog cowgirl-clipart-bTyK4rXTLBook Three is in the works!

When I wrote my first sexy cowboy book, I didn’t plan to write a series. However, as it turned out, two of the secondary characters in Cowboys are Forever were perfect to play the leading hero and heroine role in a second book. Thus, The Color of Forever was born and Samantha and Ben’s story came to life.

I always get very attached to my characters. Samantha and Ben were each quite loveable and I was glad to write a love story about them that could end in happily ever after.

Actually, all of my books have had and will continue to have happy endings. If you want Titanic or Bridges of Madison County or Love Story, don’t waste your time reading my books because you’ll be disappointed. Now, I’m not saying that a tear jerker of an ending doesn’t have a place in fiction.

I mean, look at Old Yeller and The Yearling and the books and movies mentioned above. I freely admit that the stories that leave you sobbing are often memorable and do have a place in fiction. They just don’t have a place in my fiction.

And that’s one of the beautiful parts about being an author. It’s your story and you can make it end however you want to. Personally, I prefer to end my books on a happy note, where two people have met, fallen in love, overcome obstacles and ended up riding off into the sunset together in true western style.

Book Three will be no exception. My heroine in this next book is Samantha’s sister. Samantha being the heroine in Book Two, who was the best friend of the heroine in Book One. All interconnected but all stand-alone books in their own right.

Maeve, our next heroine, goes to Wyoming from New York City just as the heroines of Books One & Two before her. She, too, stays in the little ranch house inherited by Marielle, our first heroine who starred in Cowboys are Forever. Maeve was widowed as a young bride and has never remarried. Somehow, no man measures up to the one she lost.

Enter Joe, a rancher who lives nearby. Joe is a widower, having lost his wife at a young age. Joe has never been able to fall in love again, either, for the same reason as Maeve….no one measures up to the mate he lost.

When Maeve and Joe meet, sparks fly. Will they risk falling in love again?


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