Why Cowboys are Sexy

If you love reading about sexy cowboys, have you ever stopped to wonder just what makes cowboys so hot?

What, exactly, is the “It” factor with cowboys? Why do they figure so prominently in contemporary romantic fiction as well as historical romantic fiction?

Well, part of their appeal probably lies in their chivalry and manners toward women. Cowboys in general tend to revere womanhood and treat females as cherished treasures to be protected and nurtured at all costs. I don’t care how modern you are, ladies, within every woman there beats the heart of a female who responds to this reverence for her fair sex like a flower opening up under the sun and rain.

Most of us thrill to a man with courtly manners.

Here’s the thing about cowboys—not only do they have handsome manners but they’re strong and macho to boot. And speaking of boots, the cowboy ensemble is attractive: cowboy hats, boots, well worn jeans hugging a cute little tush, the whole enchilada.

Your average cowboy is a man among men with quick reflexes and nerves of steel. He can fight with his gun or his fists. He rides tall in the saddle with his head held high. He has a six pack and well muscled biceps that weren’t acquired with steroids and working out at the local gym. Instead, the cowboy has built up his remarkably hot bod breaking wild horses, throwing and branding cattle, pitching bales of hay and other ranch type chores.

Cowboys have a tendency to be the strong, silent type. They have a sexy drawl when they do speak. They’re often slow moving with measured, seemingly casual movements, but can move fast and strike like a rattlesnake when the occasion demands it. You just know that a cowboy’s slow, deliberate movements will carry over into the bedroom where he’s a lover who can last for hours, taking his time to make sure his woman gets the ultimate thrills.

Take Sam Elliott, for example. One of his most famous roles was that of a cowboy in The Sacketts, based on the series of western novels by Louis L’Amour. Not that Sam isn’t incredibly sexy in any part he plays. But as a cowboy, you could roll him in cow manure and I’d still be happy for him to hang his hat from my bedpost.

There may be all sorts of deep seated psychological reasons for why women usually find cowboys sexy. But maybe it’s enough just to know that they are and be glad there are authors who choose to write about these hunky heroes so we can read about them and fall a little bit in love with every one.

Check out this one in my upcoming Book Two in the Forever Cowboys series:


For anybody who might notice that this one is a little bit different than the previous cover, I tweaked it. Same sexy cowboy, just a different background that I think illustrates his locale in Wyoming.

I’m working hard to get this sexy cowboy’s story finished by the first of April and it will be available on Amazon Kindle, so I hope you make time to read it. His name is Ben Connors. Isn’t he absolutely adorable while oozing male sex appeal from his pores?



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