New Beginnings

diet-clipart-2077884411Monday is a day of new beginnings….of fresh starts…..of slates wiped clean and turned over leaves.

Monday is always the day when I tell myself I’ll start a new diet. Or begin walking at least 3 miles a day. Or get in the kitchen and cook enough food to freeze for the rest of the week to give myself more free time after my working day ends. Or any number of other things that I vow to do come Monday.

Does the fact that I never quite follow through with these plans to do wondrous things starting on Monday mean that I should stop making such grandiose plans?

I don’t think so. You might disagree and if you do that’s fine. To each his own.  But I think that acknowledging I have areas that could stand to be improved upon is a step in the right direction. Even if I fall short of my intentions to start a self improvement project almost every Monday that rolls around, at least I realize that it would benefit me to do those things.

That seems like progress to me.

So today being Monday, I had entertained thoughts of going on a diet to shed some winter weight before the hot weather hits and clothing becomes less voluminous and more of one’s body is revealed. I gave myself a good talking to and recited all the reasons why I should start dieting today.

Did I do it?

Well, yes and no. Although I didn’t walk the straight and narrow calorie wise, I did eat a healthy breakfast instead of my usual cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese or worse yet, a bowl of Frosted Flakes. No, my breakfast on this fine Monday morning consisted of half a pink grapefruit with Splenda. I felt so virtuous as I dug out each morsel of tart grapefruit. In my imagination, I was svelte and sexy in a fetching bathing suit.

My resolve had weakened considerably by lunchtime, but I still held on to most of my resolve and had a small salad with low calorie dressing. No bread, no crackers, not even chicken strips. Just lettuce and other salad-y veggies. Again, I felt quite pleased with myself because I wanted a chili cheese hot pocket or a carb laden beef pot pie washed down with a Pepsi and topped off with a big old chocolate chip cookie.

Sadly, by dinner time I was ravenous and that mischievous little imp who inevitably shows up to talk me out of following through with my current improvement project started in to convince me of how silly it was for me to diet anyway. Was I planning on going to the beach or a public swimming pool where anyone would see me in a bathing suit?

Probably not.

Was I morbidly obese?

No, not really.

Hadn’t I suffered enough for one day and wasn’t I entitled to a good dinner?

Yes and yes.

The imp had his way with me and convinced me to sit myself down to a rich, satisfying meal of pot roast and gravy, a mound of mashed potatoes, corn casserole and yeast rolls, followed by a delectable blueberry cobbler a la mode.

Yum! Talk about good! So, no, I didn’t stick to my diet. On the other hand, I did cut way back on what I ate for breakfast and lunch and that’s a good thing. My plans to start a new diet today—Monday—fizzled out by dinner time. But it was beneficial while it lasted and if I hadn’t planned to start a diet, I would not have made such healthy choices for those two meals.

All in all, I think my Monday was a success.

If you read my books, you’ll find that my heroines aren’t the anorexic stick figures favored by modern society. Instead, they’re real women with real shapes. Personally, I have always harbored grave suspicions as to how most men feel about this penchant for rail thin females with no womanly curves. Do they approve or disapprove? Well, since time began men have been attracted to women with womanly bodies. Women who have breasts and full derrieres. Has the fashion industry changed that? I doubt it.

Samantha O’Brien, the heroine in Book Two of my Forever Cowboys series, has a lush, curvaceous figure and you can bet that our hero Ben Connors is appreciative of her attractions. The sexual tension between those two fairly sizzles and….well….you’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself what happens.

I’m about three quarters of the way through with their story and hope to release it no later than the first week of April.

Happy Monday!


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