Monday, Monday


Happy Monday!

Many people dread Mondays because they mean going back to work. When I worked a traditional job, I dreaded them too. But now, as mentioned in my last post, I work for myself from home and actually look forward to Monday rolling around so I can get back to whatever writing project is in the works.

Right now my project is The Color of Forever. This is Book Two of my Forever Cowboys series and it’s coming right along. Samantha, the heroine, is pretty badly disillusioned about the whole happily-ever-after thing. Like many single women these days, she feels that she has kissed a lot of frogs without finding her prince.

That being said, this state of affairs may be about to end because Ben Connors, the hero game warden/cowboy is unlike any man she has ever encountered.

I confess to being a hopeless romantic. I enjoy reading romance and enjoy writing it, as well. My books are meant to be feel-good stories. Not aiming for War and Peace or even Gone With the Wind, (which happens to be one of my favorite books, btw) just want to write something that will leave you smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy.

A brief rant: I have seen some of what I call genre snobbery lately about romance books. I’d like to expound on the difference between a romance and a love story.  For classification purposes, there is basically one major difference between a romance book and a love story. It is this: A romance book always has a happy ending. A love story doesn’t.

So by that standard, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austem is a romance. Romeo and Juliet isn’t. You get the idea.

If you don’t mind tearjerkers with unhappy endings, which by the way are some of the most phenomenal books ever written, you will probably enjoy reading a love story. Gone With the Wind falls into this category. The Horse Whisperer. Etc. But if you prefer optimistic, emotionally satisfying endings that’s okay, too. If you fall into the latter category of reader, you might be heartened to learn that you are not alone. The Romance/Erotica genre is the Number One best selling fiction genre. Numero Uno, as in First.

So, no need for the terribly highbrow attitude some people seem to have about romance books. As long as readers like to read romance, there will be writers to write it. No shame, no blame. Just stories that make you feel good with a little glow of satisfaction at the end when two people who meet and fall in love manage to overcome any obstacles in their way for a fairy tale finish that affirms or reaffirms your faith in true love that lasts forever.

End of rant.

I hope you enjoy Cowboys are Forever, available now on Amazon in the Kindle format. Free for Kindle Unlimited members and only $.99 otherwise.


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