Rain Rain Go Away

If it isn’t raining here in Dixie Land it’s snowing. Last week the temperature was 70 degrees in the morning & by the time darkness fell we were in the midst of a winter storm complete with sleet, snow and ice. This week we have flash flood warnings from all the rain. Still, it’s better than snow and ice for the folks who have to get out in it.

Since I work at home, I’m not one of those folks & don’t have to get out in it. Oh Happy Day! Just one more item added to the list of Things I Love About Working From Home: I don’t have to leave the house in inclement weather. Yay!

I’ve been hard at work on Book Two in the Forever Cowboys series. On track to get it published on Amazon by the end of this month. It’s a fun story. I’m enjoying writing it and hope you’ll enjoy reading it. As stories almost always do, it has taken a couple of twists and turns of its own. No matter how thoroughly I lay out a plot and book outline, I can count on the characters taking on a life of their own and meandering down roads I hadn’t mapped out for them. And that’s okay because when that happens it always adds something to the story and makes it just a tad more interesting.

Back to the drawing board. No telling what my characters have gotten up to while I’ve been gone!


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